Weight Loss
Providing Realistic Weight Loss Success

Weight Loss


Highgate Health is happy to assist people with their weight loss journey.

What makes us us different from other providers?

  1. We get it! 

The Directors of Highgate Health – Belinda and James have both gone through a weight loss transformation between them have lost over 100kgs. Every person is different and we understand that.   

 2. Belinda has worked as a Bariatric Nurse Practitioner for a group of Bariatric Surgeons. Therefore understands every option available to an individual and is happy to assist and provide information, whether you would like general tips to having gastric sleeve surgery. 

  3. Belinda is also able to prescribe medication which may assist you in your weight loss journey.  

 4. We provide an App free of charge which will assist you and provide individual plans for your weight loss journey.  

 To date we have assisted people in every state from Northern Territory to Tasmania and 90% of our patients come from word of mouth! We believe this speaks volumes of our individualised program.