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Iron Infusion

Highgate Health offers Iron Infusions 6 days a week at our clinic in Bella Vista.



Primary Healthcare

 Highgate Health offers a number of different options for primary Health care. For Appointments we offer private billing Face-to-face at our Bella Vista location or Telehealth..

Weight Loss

The Directors of Highgate Health – Belinda and James have both gone through a weight loss transformation and between them have lost over 100kgs.

Additional Services

Infusion Therapy

 IV Wellness Infusions Highgate Health tailors your infusion following an assessment by a Nurse Practitioner. 


IVF Infusion Therapy

The Directors of Highgate Health – Belinda and James have gone through the IVF journey and ended up with two amazing kids. We are very happy to offer Intralipid infusions.


Osteoporosis Infusion

Osteoporosis is a health condition that weakens bones, making them fragile and more likely to break. 




 LGBQTI +People of all genders, ages and backgrounds need to access healthcare at some point in their lives,


Dis”Ability. We assist patients and families with NDIS applications and can provide in home infusions.

Allergy Medicine

Allergy Medicine. With the changing seasons, natural disasters (Fires and floods) allergies are more prevalent than before. 
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Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Vaccinating each employee takes just a few minutes In Australia each year, the flu causes widespread illness and results in substantial costs with loss of productivity. We can come to you workplace as well  

Other Medicine

Coming Soon

Women’s Health

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The Team at Highgate Health


Founding Director and Nurse Practitioner 


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