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Primary Healthcare

Highgate Health provides you with the high-quality, personalized care you deserve. With our experienced team and the best treatments available, you can rest assured that your health is in the best of hands. Face to Face and Telehealth appointments are available.

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Repeat prescriptions, Referrals to specialists, asthma action plans, school medical plans, NDIS care.

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Aged Care

With the Australian aged population increasing at a rapid rate, Accessing healthcare can be difficult. We understand the aging persons' needs especially those from minority and diverse backgrounds. We can complete carers forms, pad scheme applications for incontinence product subsidy’s, create a medical summary of your medical history, allergies, current specialists & medications you can use in emergency situations. We
When you are aging it is important to have a general practitioner and we can assist them in your care when they are not able to visit you in your care facility.
We can provide PBS prescriptions and referrals to medical specialists, for blood tests and x-rays. Copies of all tests and consultations with your permission can be sent directly to your GP. We are proudly working with several nursing homes 

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Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Vaccinating each employee takes just a few minutes, we are happy to offer a flu vaccination clinic at your workplace or vouchers for staff to attend our walk-in clinic location in McGraths Hill. 
Working-age adults account for as much as 60% of all laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza (National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System). This means time off work and lower productivity, for both the affected worker and their colleagues.

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Covid Action Plans

We have offered onsite consulatation for organisations wanting to return to work and ensuring they have the best possible Covid Actions Plans in place for their employees

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Allergy Medicine

With the changing seasons, natural disasters (Fires and floods) allergies are more prevalent than before. Our lead nurse practitioner has completed the only Australian professional allergy nursing course at the University of South Australia. We provide allergy coaching, Skin prick allergy testing, allergy action plans, epipen prescriptions and support to parents and individuals. Non Ige mediated allergies such as food protein-induced enterocolitis (FPIES) and eosinophilic oesophagitis (EoE) are not only understood but our staff have personal experience with these rare allergies. We can support you as a parent with the introduction of foods in infancy in collaboration with your treating  medical specialist. We can provide referrals to a medical specialist for further assessment and management which are able to attract ‘Medicare’ rebates.

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Since Highgate Health opened, we have focused on providing care that fills ‘Gaps’ in available health care. We understand disability and think of it as the person having abilities. We take the lead in acceptance in providing accessible, acceptable, and appropriate community nursing health care. We can help with completing NDIS applications, CAPS applications (Incointinance products), Centrelink forms for carers applications.
We understand the challenges cares and individuals with disability face and will help you overcome barriers in obtaining health care. We can change PEG tubes, SPC, IDC, NG, Gastrostomy buttons, skin/wound care, help with medical management plans & referrals under medicare to specialists.

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Travel Medicine

Highgate Health provides a complete health service for travelers within Australia, and all global locations.
Our clinic provides all travel vaccinations. We also prescribe anti-malarial medications, for tropical destinations.