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IV Infusion Therapy


We are now offering IV wellness infusions tailored to your individual needs following an assessment by our Nurse Practitioner


Why use IV Infusion Therapy?

By infusing essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants directly via the bloodstream you are able to bypass the digestive system. This means, we can deliver higher doses without upsetting your gut 100% bioavailable = full absorption at the cellular level.

Are you feeling tired, flat, fatigued?

Looking to recharge, rejuvenate or optimise your performance?

Looking to boost your immune system?

Then IV infusions may help you get back on track!!

IV Infusion Menu


Myers Cocktail 

Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C 15g Magnesium, Folic Acid
Hartmans Solution 1L (60min)

Smiling Sun Patch

The Shine 

Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C Hartmans Solution 1L (60min)


Vitamin C 15g, Zinc
Saline Solution 500mls (30Min)

Energy Spark

Vitamin B Complex
Hartmans Solution 500ml (30min)


Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Hartmans Solution 500L (30min)

Image by Jamie Street


Normal Saline or Hartmans 500mls (30Min) - No pre infusion consult required

Please note if you have not seen us before you will need to have a pre- infusion consulatation (except for Hydrate) and in some cases a blood test may be required.